Saturday, January 22, 2005

Posting Comments

I was just informed this evening that I neglected to program this new blog so that anybody can comment. I have corrected that but the new setting only goes into effect with this posting. So you can post as "Anonymous" (sign your name in the body of your comment if you like) without having to register first - but not, unfortunately, with the two postings below.

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  1. Anonymous10:05 PM

    The original posting on this site lead me to read the winter newsletter of the ACLU that arrived the same day this blog originated. The wisdom of James Madison, who wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, created a document that has needed little modification over time. I have long thought that the only change the Constitution needed was to include "gender and sexual orientation".
    I am astonished to confess something I have never confessed before. I am a conservative, with regard to the Constitution and the Bill of rights. Recent changes terrify me. There is discriminstion based on religion, national origin, appearance and hearsay. People are unlawfully detained. Our private lives are more and more matters of record and are housed in huge data banks. These changes are the policy of the government. This government does not respect or recognize that its purpose is to protect the rights of minorities. It does not even respect the Constitution enough to follow the formal method of amending it. Instead it passes laws explained in Orwellian language that are for our "protection". Nor is there respect for the global environment, nor even for the sovereignty of other countries.
    What an appropriate name for this blog! I realize more and more what a child of illusion I am. Accepting life on life's terms is very difficult now. My illusions of myself have proved to be very unreliable; I can only pray that the government's reality is not what it seems either. Marilyn


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