Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I like this solution

Here's a comment I found on AMERICblog on the "Intelligent Design" issue:

Fine, let them have their ID class, but the week before it is given, dedicate a whole 5 days to the study and understanding of the concepts of science, that is:

*definition of hypothesis
*definition of theory
*definition of law
*history of and basis for the scientific method
*importance of evidence
*importance of repeatable experimentation

I think if you gave high schoolers an intense week of this, and the next Monday started on evolution and ID, it wouldn't matter. Present evolution, and as much proof as the kids can stand (more than any one human can remember all at once). Then present ID and say: "There is no known evidence for this idea (explain why it isn't even a hypothesis) and no experiments that can be done to prove it. Questions?

I think the National Science Teachers Association would do well to consider this approach! :-)

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