Friday, September 07, 2007

Hypocrisy, denial and all that

Frank Ford just sent me an article entitled "Just How Gay Is The GOP?" Nothing new here, really, but it's very well articulated. Here's a sample:

Really, just how many closeted, self-hating, violently repressed “I-am-not-gay” totally gay hypocrites are there in the Republican Party? Or for that matter, in your average born-again Christian megachurch? Or in the U.S. military? Or in (your morally righteous group’s name here)? Ten percent of them? Fifty? A hundred and four?

Because baby, it just keeps popping up, scandal after scandal, homophobic lawmaker after anti-gay preacher after gay marriage attacker after hooker-loving “family values” adulterer, Bob Allen to Ted Haggard to Jim West to Glenn Murphy Jr. to David “Diaperman” Vitter, so many examples of a militant loudmouthed Christian Republican suddenly caught with his pants down around his boyfriend’s ankles that, after so many headlines, the notion that these cases might be rare or exceptional simply vanishes and you are left only with the undeniable fact that, oh my God, the American right is simply teeming with so much murky, pressure-cooked homoeroticism it might as well be a Young Republicans kegger at Mark Foley’s pink Miami Beach condo.

Not exactly a revelation, I admit. As you already know and as any D.C. therapist or male prostitute or honest historian will happily remind you, this is the way it’s always been; incidents like Idaho Sen. Larry Craig’s toe-tapping in the tearoom merely reinforce the great Rule of Conservative Hypocrisy — the louder and more self-righteous the indignation over a given “moral” issue, the more sure you can be that the screamer in question is simply oozing with repressed fantasy/lust regarding that very issue — and what’s more, is very likely acting on it, right now, in a fetish dungeon, brothel or bathroom stall near you.

It's really sad when you think about it. Making peace with one's sexuality is an important developmental task for every human being. It is an aspect of maturity. Why don't the Republicans get it?

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