Thursday, December 27, 2007


Well, the big news of the day is, of course, the Bhutto assassination. Here's something she recently said:

We want to see Pakistan be a modern, progressive and prosperous state, where people should enjoy a good life and better living.

Way too sensible and caring to allow her to live, of course.

Tragic. Unbelievably tragic.

UPDATE: Take a look at the Guardian's Special Report entitled "Moderniser, moderate, martyr".

UPDATE 2: Here are more details in an article by Ali Eteraz reprinted on Alternet. Here's something he says:

Irrespective of one's views on Bhutto -- mine were mostly negative -- she was the primary secular-minded democratic leader of Pakistan. She had made statements about hunting Bin Laden, eradicating the pernicious madrassa system, as well as apologizing for allowing the Taliban to acquire power during her watch in the mid 90's. Her killing is a huge blow to the anti-extremist movement in Pakistan. Frankly, as it stands now, there are no other anti-extremist democratic leaders in Pakistan.

I know she was an ambiguous figure. But her death portends serious instability. And that's very disturbing.

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