Thursday, April 02, 2009

Telling it like it is. Really.

Over on Common Dreams there is an article called "The Changes And Chances Of This Mortal Life" (the title being an allusion to a prayer from the ancient monastic office of Compline - the bedtime prayer service). Here's the way it ends:

This is the Twenty-First Century. It will be hot. The storms will get worse. The water will run out and the food will fail. Money will not save us; not your stock portfolio, not your precious 401K, not the boxes of bills delivered to General Motors. Our wars will be a bloody and expensive sideshow of no consequence except to our victims. In this new century, in our lifetimes, in the years so close that our middle-managers already have meeting dates marked in their daily planners, we will come up against population and pollution and natural systems overloaded and uncontrollable by any military or economic or industrial firepower or religious faith we will own. No less than after 1492 we enter an unknown New World.

We will know the Change We Cannot Avoid.

Expect no bailout.

Grim. And, undoubtedly, the way things are.

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