Friday, May 27, 2011


Here's an Alternet headline I want you to see:

Killer Tornadoes: How Devastating Extreme Weather Is Linked to Human-Caused Climate Change

And here's one paragraph from someone being interviewed:

BILL McKIBBEN: Sure. Look, what’s happening is we’re making the earth a more dynamic and violent place. That’s, in essence, what global warming is about. We’re trapping more of the sun’s energy in this narrow envelope of atmosphere, and that’s now expressing itself in many way. We don’t know for sure that any particular tornado comes from climate change. There have always been tornadoes. We do know that we’re seeing epic levels of thunderstorm activity, of flooding, of drought, of all the things that climatologists have been warning us about.

Will we ever wake up and confront what is happening?


  1. One line says it all, across so many domains of experience: "... we're making the earth a more ... violent place."

    My sense is that, all things considered, we humans are setting the planet's surface on fire.

  2. I agree, Jaliya. And it's only going to get worse - not better. I grieve for the children being born in our time.


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