Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Very, very disturbing

It's from the Time Magazine "quotes of the day" section:

"It's almost like we skipped winter and now we're going to skip spring, too."

-- Gino Izzi, a senior meteorologist at the National Weather Service's Chicago office in a statement as warm weather is arriving early across much of the U.S., even in northern states where perplexed residents are swapping their snow shovels for golf clubs

UPDATE: Please do take note of Bryan Doug's comment to this post. I think he makes a very good point.


  1. Anonymous11:51 AM

    OK, I might cause some trouble here, but let's tell the whole story. A Google news search for Mr. Izzi turns up the following:

    Izzi said the weather pattern is a random but normal fluctuation. A jet stream moving north to south on the West Coast is pushing an opposite, seesaw effect in the rest of the nation. Atmospheric patterns, including the Pacific phenomenon known as La Nina, have kept cold air bottled up over Canada and contributed to the warmer winter in snow-accustomed parts of the continental U.S.

    My problem with your post is that it leaves an opening of attack for the global warming deniers. The last two winters here in the east had some of the coldest weather and biggest snowfalls in almost ten years. So does that automatically refute global warming? Of course not, anymore than a female presence at a Santorum rally refutes his misogyny.

    Let's keep an eye on the bigger picture here and the valid global warming science, not fret or focus on something "random but normal." I intend to enjoy this nice weather, myself.

    I hope I don't come across as argumentative. I enjoy your blog.

    --Bryan Doug

  2. No, Bryan. You don't sound argumentative at all. You make a very good point and I'm going to add an update to that effect.

    I appreciate your comments!

  3. Anonymous7:23 AM

    And I appreciate you feeding my ego. *wink, smile*

    --Bryan Doug


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