Sunday, May 20, 2012

Headline of the day

Take a look:

Romney Learns How to Talk to Evangelicals

Apparently he is no longer trying to assert that he is one of them. Here's an excerpt:

At Liberty, by contrast, he extravagantly praised the Christian commitment of the graduates while differentiating his own faith in a way that did not quite claim that it was Christian too. Thus, for starters, he informed the graduates that "moral certainty, clear standards, and a commitment to spiritual ideals" would set them apart and put them in the company of a bunch of Christian luminaries that did not include Joseph Smith and Brigham Young:
"That said, your values will not always be the object of public admiration. In fact, the more you live by your beliefs, the more you will endure the censure of the world. Christianity is not the faith of the complacent, the comfortable or of the timid. It demands and creates heroic souls like Wesley, Wilberforce, Bonhoeffer, John Paul the Second, and Billy Graham. Each showed, in their own way, the relentless and powerful influence of the message of Jesus Christ. May that be your guide."
It's going to be a long hot summer. Take good care of your mental health, people!

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