Thursday, February 17, 2005

Ignoring the REAL crisis

Yes, I'm giving you another article on global climate change. Why? Because nothing else will matter anymore if we don't have a planet that can sustain human life. Randolph T. Holhut writes about it in an article entitled, "The Bush style of crisis management" published by Smirking Chimp:

At the risk of sounding callous, the Social Security debate is about politics and in the long run isn't that important compared to the ultimate survival of the planet. Changing Social Security will hurt, but not nearly as much as the damage that's likely to happen if global warming isn't addressed.

The things already happening should scare the hell out of you. Last year was the warmest year on record. Florida and the Caribbean were hit by a succession of massive hurricanes on a scale never before seen.

Natural disasters such as flooding, droughts and storms are happening around the world more frequently and more severely than ever before.

There is so much fresh water entering the oceans from melting glaciers and the polar ice caps that the Gulf Stream may stop flowing and bring Europe another ice age by the end of the century.

The Amazon rainforest is drying out and could be gone within the next 50 years. One in 10 plant and animal species may be extinct by 2050.

He doesn't even mention what's happening to our oceans and that the coral reefs are dying. I really do urge activism on this issue. Write your congressperson and senators. Give to environmental groups. Hold this issue in the forefront of your consciousness and tell others about it. The ignorance out there is massive. And the denial will simply destroy us. We must do something and soon or humanity will perish.

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