Thursday, October 20, 2005

What about the forgery?

All right. Here's the important question: Who forged the documents that said Saddam Hussein was getting yellowcake uranium from Niger? I really want you to read an article by James Moore entitled, "The most important criminal case in American history". Mr. Moore makes the case that the Fitzgerald investigation is about something much more important that just who leaked Valerie Plame's name. Here's how the article gets started:

If special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald delivers indictments of a few functionaries of the vice president's office or the White House, we are likely to have on our hands a constitutional crisis. The evidence of widespread wrongdoing and conspiracy is before every American with a cheap laptop and a cable television subscription. And we do not have the same powers of subpoena granted to Fitzgerald.

We know, however, based upon what we have read and seen and heard that someone created fake documents related to Niger and Iraq and used them as a false pretense to launch America into an invasion of Iraq. And when a former diplomat made an honest effort to find out the facts, a plan was hatched to both discredit and punish him by revealing the identity of his undercover CIA agent wife.

Patrick Fitzgerald has before him the most important criminal case in American history. Watergate, by comparison, was a random burglary in an age of innocence. The investigator's prosecutorial authority in this present case is not constrained by any regulation. If he finds a thread connecting the leak to something greater, Fitzgerald has the legal power to follow it to the web in search of the spider. It seems unlikely, then, that he would simply go after the leakers and the people who sought to cover up the leak when it was merely a secondary consequence of the much greater crime of forging evidence to foment war. Fitzgerald did not earn his reputation as an Irish alligator by going after the little guy. Presumably, he is trying to find evidence that Karl Rove launched a covert operation to create the forged documents and then conspired to out Valerie Plame when he learned the fraud was being uncovered by Plame's husband, Ambassador Joseph Wilson. As much as this sounds like the plot of a John le Carre novel, it also comports with the profile of the Karl Rove I have known, watched, traveled with and written about for the past 25 years.

I really recommend that you click through and read the whole article if you have time. Mr. Moore outlines a convincing scenario of how it all happened. We could be on the verge of something very big. But cornered animals are very dangerous and the Bush administration is cornered at this point. It will be very interesting to see how matters unfold.

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  1. but will it come "out" in the major media or will Bush have it squashed, like everything else. i think i remember someone referring to clinton as teflon, but i think the term fits much better with bush--he's got so much shit to be held accountable for but no one in his administration nor himself seem to get held accountable. cindy sheehan got quickly written off as a fruitcake--it took a little while buti don't think any of the news media really gave her credit, none that i saw anyway and i was watching cnn, not fox!

    keep up the good work!


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