Friday, February 22, 2008

Congressman Kagen on health care

Now this is the moral thing to do:

This essential legislation will guarantee access to affordable care for every citizen by bringing an end to the discriminatory practice of allowing insurance companies to deny life-saving medical coverage to citizens due to any pre-existing medical conditions.

Our Constitution protects all citizens against discrimination, and it is time we apply this established principle to health care.

The No Discrimination in Health Insurance Act also establishes a competitive and transparent health care marketplace by requiring all insurance companies to openly disclose their prices and charge every citizen within the region the same fee for the same service - just as restaurants do when they hand you the menu and then charge every customer the same price for the same service.

The essential elements of this necessary legislation are: (1) No Discrimination due to pre-existing conditions, (2) Open Disclosure of all prices, and (3) Every Citizen is allowed to Pay the Lowest Price available. These ideas must be included in any successful comprehensive health care reform legislation.

This bill has been proposed by Rep. Steve Kagen, M.D. of Wisconsin who has also refused his congressional health care as a protest until all Americans have access to affordable care.

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