Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Just read an article on Alternet called What Dems Need to Know About John McCain. Here are the big points:

Democrats know well that Republicans are relying on Sen. Clinton winning the Democratic Party presidential nomination so that her polarity delivers a victory for the GOP in November. While conservatives distrust Sen. McCain - they will shelve it and vote for him if Sen. Clinton is the presidential nominee of her party.

Democrats should also know that if Sen. Obama is the nominee then a larger than anticipated portion of Democratic white males may balk at casting a vote for him - reluctant to give up the franchise when they can cast their vote for a white male with war hero status and an ability to work with the most liberal Democrats in Washington, DC to get things done.

It's very worrying.


  1. I've never considered myself an optimist, but I'll do it just this once. I think they're wrong about white male Democrats -- I'm not so sure they'll vote against Obama. OCICBW.

  2. I hope you're right, Suzer! Because it does look as if he'll be the nominee.


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