Thursday, April 17, 2008

Quote of the week

This is from Sojourners and I completely agree:

Whether Carter's approach to conflict resolution is considered by the Israeli government as appropriate or defeatist, no one can take away from the former U.S. president his international standing, nor the fact that he brought Israel and Egypt to a signed peace that has since held. Carter's method, which says that it is necessary to talk with every one, has still not proven to be any less successful than the method that calls for boycotts and air strikes. In terms of results, at the end of the day, Carter beats out any of those who ostracize him.

- An editorial in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, discussing President Jimmy Carter's trip to the Middle East. Carter's trip has included talks with Hamas officials, and he is being snubbed by Israeli officials and denied the usual protection by Israeli security police.

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  1. I agree, too, Ellie. I was thinking about posting it, and am glad you did.


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