Saturday, April 19, 2008

Support the troops?

Take a look:

WASHINGTON -- Nearly eight months ago, Iraq veteran and Fresno County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Hubbard lost the second of his two brothers in Iraq, leaving him as a "sole survivor" under military guidelines and requiring that he leave combat operations.

But after he returned home to Clovis, Calif., Hubbard, 33, was dealt another loss when the Army stripped him of his healthcare, took away GI Bill education benefits worth as much as $40,000 and demanded he repay his $6,000 enlistment bonus.


Here's the solution that is being proposed:

On Wednesday in Washington, Hubbard stood with four lawmakers at a news conference, attempting to solve that problem by introducing the Hubbard Act, a bill that would ensure full benefits to all soldiers discharged under the sole-survivor policy.

Let's hope it gets passed.

Hat tip to Paul at Byzigenous Buddhapalian.

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