Friday, October 03, 2008

The Non-Debate

Please take a look at a piece by Juan Cole entitled "The Non-Debate". Here's a sample:

Not only was there no debate but Sarah Palin was not required actually to answer any of the questions put to her, and she announced before she began that she was just going to throw up on us all the talking points that she had binged on in Arizona for the past few days.

She mugged for the camera, winked like a bar fly, and just went on talking and talking and talking, oblivious to whatever anyone else said. Not only did she ignore most of Gwen Ifill's questions,she paid no attention to what Joe Biden said. When he choked up over the loss of his family, she did not have the decency to express any kind of condolences. It is almost as though she is autistic and unable to connect with human beings.

Yes, I too was quite troubled that Palin did not respond at all to Biden's emotional moment. She definitely seems empathy-impaired -- along with all the other impairments we've witnessed.

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