Monday, December 08, 2008


  1. Anonymous7:09 AM

    My grandmother once told me that at school she was forced to be right handed.. to the extent that you'd get the cane for writing with your left hand.

    The only time I got punished for it was when they taught us to use fountain pens.. ever tried to write left handed with a fountain pen? You get a nice blue smear where the writing was and your hand is stained for weeks...

  2. I have always thought this was the most obvious and natural parallel to sexual orientation, a perfectly natural "given" in a minority of the population.

    Then too, I am a lefty.

    The blind insistence that we lefties have our papers at the opposite angle to the righties - which no teacher ever explained or justified but all insisted upon - actually did have a purpose: to help prevent graphite or ink smudges on our hands. It also creates the backhand associated with us. Those who held the papers as instructed and tried not to write backhand wound up with that hugely awkward curving arm and fist posture that looks so painful. sigh. I resisted, avoided backhand, and always had dirty hands.

  3. My grandfather had his left hand tied behind his back at school.


  4. I like this. I like it a lot!

  5. Anonymous2:16 PM

    i never knew people were so cruelly punished (tortured!) for being left handed. simply amazing.

  6. A friend of mine had her arm in a cast for 6 was the "cure" - go figure :)

  7. GREAT cartoon, Ellie! I'm a lefty too ... There were one or two elders in my early life who tried to change my handedness by means such as whacking my left hand with the flat side of a dinner knife whenver I was caught, well, *writing*. Terrible crime, eh?


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