Friday, February 27, 2009


Here's what's wrong with the insurance model when it comes to health care:

I listened to ABC News tell the story about a McDonalds employee in Arkansas who came to the defense of a female customer being attacked in the restaurant by another man. The abuser shot the McDonalds employee in the chest. And now the McDonalds workers comp insurance company has decided that the employee's medical bills of more than $300,000 should not be covered because the employee was not acting during the normal scope of employment. Huh? Apparently, McDonalds thinks employees who see crimes being committed should first remember that flipping burgers and salting fries are their duties, not defending customers.

Absolutely appalling. Beyond appalling.

When are are we going to "get it" that insurance companies make money by denying coverage?

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  1. Anonymous10:18 PM

    These types of injustices make my stomach turn and my heart ache!!! And, we wonder why there are people that just simply "don't get involved." I'm sure that woman was grateful for the humanity of this employee, who should at least be rewarded by having his life saved, no matter what the cost. I just continue to shake my head, wondering why! --Teresa


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