Monday, February 23, 2009

Something to think about seriously

UPDATE: Here's a comment I found to the above video:

Actually it's a simple case of economics.. if there is no one with jobs, there is no one to buy products and it doesn't matter ONE BIT how much money you save outsourcing to make your product cheaper if there is no one there to BUY IT (ask anyone in consumer products who outsources and ask them how X-Mas went for them this year). If we stop outsourcing it would cost us the same to make products now as it did in 2000.

You know, this is so OBVIOUS. What's so hard to see about it?

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  1. Exactly!
    I snort a lot at the news, the downward spiraling of the economy, 'people aren't spending like they 'should', well, duh, if you don't have a job=no income, there's nothing to spend. wtf?
    I also recall President Obama talking about keeping jobs in the US, and hopefully bringing them back.

    re: Bernice, congratulations on your new family, sweetie :^)


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