Sunday, May 03, 2009

Be Kind to Animals Week

The Humane Society sent me an email saying that this is "Be Kind to Animals Week" .

Then, my friend Evelyn Duncan sent me the following:

It just hurts my heart so much. Yes, it really does.

Please, dear people, can you find it in your heart to give a little cat a forever home? Trust me, it'll give you GREAT karma -- OR a thousand years off Purgatory (whichever you prefer!)

Okay, okay. If you're allergic to cats, a dog will do. A dog is FINE. Dogs are GREAT!!! :-)


  1. Our cat (Bagheera --and he has lots of nicknames) told us he wanted to home with us from the local RSPCA animal shelter. He was 8 weeks old (it just after Christmas). He'd only been there 2 days, just "fixed", microchipped, and ear tatooed and he let us know in no uncertain terms that he wasn't happy there and could we please bring him home with us.

    Fastforward 8.5 years and he's really enjoying himself. Being born on All Hallow's Eve does weird things to a cat, let me tell ya!

    OT: Just saw your comment on my blog from September (hey, I been busy)... It's the camera, really!

  2. So good to hear from you again, Dave! I hope you're well.

    Good for you for adopting Bagheera. You did it right! :-)

    I have three cats and a dog --- all abandoned and then rescued. My wonderful dog of 13 years (also a rescue) died in January of bone cancer and I'm still grieving the loss of her. But then another dog came to my attention who was abandoned and who needed a forever home. So here we go again!


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