Sunday, May 31, 2009

Come on; wake up, people!

Please go over to OpEdNews and take a look at an article entitled "How can a business run more progressively? Are we treating people fairly" and then think again if you EVER consider shopping at Wal-Mart again:

I have an acquaintance that works in management for Wal-Mart and he HATES his job. He is required to be tough, aggressive and mean to the employees under him. They had him fire a group of people to see if he could do it before he became a manager. The people hadn't done anything wrong and should not have been fired. It was a way to find out if this potential manager had what it takes to command a group of underlings.

Just unbelievable.

And now look at this:

I was appalled when I found out that Robert Ringer's book 'The Art of Intimidation' was being taught to women in business situations so they could join men in intimidating in the business world. I believe that kind of mentality (which is still being taught in business schools across the land) is one of the problems with the world today. It is why we move corporations to other countries and use slave labor so we can make the products we sell less expensive. Instead of management learning to intimidate we should be learning to work toward consensus and learn how to build loyal employees by treating everyone fairly.

And this:

The third point I want to make is we vote by where we shop. I enjoy listening to people like John Perkins on Free Speech TV's Keynote, who said we are voting by where we shop. John Perkins founded the Dream Change Coalition which is an organization that inspires executives to clean up pollution, reshape corporate goals, and form Earth-honoring partnerships with indigenous cultures. One of his books that influenced me most is Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. I have been telling this story to all of my acquaintances and to anyone that would listen so we would NOT shop at Wal-Mart. Sure we vote where we shop but we need to rethink how we live as well and not buy things we don't need when there are people living among us that cannot afford the food or rent. Do a little research before you buy.

What really gets to me is people who justify shopping at Wal-Mart because "they're all like that." No they're not! I like the last sentence in the excerpt above: "Do a little research before you buy."

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