Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The public option

You might like to go read Jim Hightower's piece entitled "Real Competition Can Stop Health Insurance Gouging".

Here's a brief excerpt:

Obama's proposed reform is not so bold as to offer you and me the same sweet deal that our congress-critters get, but it does include one provision to help us escape the untender mercies of insurance profiteers. Called the "public option," it creates a publicly run insurance plan as an alternative to the costly, mingy, inscrutable policies shoved at us by the big, monopolistic insurers.

The beauty of this option is that it gives everyone a real choice. Since the public insurance plan doesn't rake off a profit, doesn't need a massive marketing budget, won't pay multimillion-dollar executive salaries and won't have an army of backroom agents working to deny payment for treatments our doctors prescribe, it will offer better coverage at a cheaper price than the pampered private corporations presently offer.

Of course, I'm all for single-payer. But this is the next best approach. But the insurance companies really want to put a stop to it.

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