Sunday, August 09, 2009

"Are we a country of idiots?"

That's the title of an article I just found. Here's an excerpt:

Idiot: foolish or senseless person. A fitting characterization of those who say that government run programs are an abomination apparently unaware that what they are saying applies to: Medicare, Congressional medical coverage, and Medicaid; Veterans Administration - benefits and hospitals; Social Security and SSI; Public schools and universities; Firefighters, policeman, sheriffs, and forest rangers; FBI and CIA; U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corp., Air Force, and Coast Guard; and The United States Post Office.

Some of these older foolish and senseless people are biting off their own noses to spite their faces by ranting and raving about government control of health care without apparently realizing their Medicare and VA coverage are government run.

So what's the answer to the title question? I fear it is "yes".


  1. Anonymous6:10 PM

    I think the "yes" was determined when "W" was re-elected.


  2. May I say "Hell, yes!" here?

  3. Ha! I think you just did, Paul!


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