Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Quote of the week - already

Oh, dear people. I so believe in this:

Lyndon Johnson had his flaws. But he was no Bill Clinton, no Barack Obama, no feel-your-pain-compromise-away-your-rights milquetoast. When that fat son of a bitch thought something was right he fought for it. Thus: Medicare. Don't like government health care? Don't sign up for it, citizens; repeal old age health insurance, you simple-minded legislators.

Suppose we had a president who did what he believed in. What if he twisted arms and bashed heads together and called in favors and crowded people into uncomfortable corners and used the great good will and support of the hopeful, desperate people whose votes put him in office in an unrelenting campaign to demand that the giant insurance companies find some other way to keep their executives in private jets and shiny suits and waterfront second homes. Or go out of business, if they prefer. What if he told us he would accept nothing less than a revolution in the way we fund health care so that there was no middleman, no profit taken out, no financiers between you and a cure, pain relief, well-being, good health and personal dignity.

All he would have to do is to say, "Single Payer." Then tell us all that single payer means government payer, not government-as-doctor. He would have to talk about health care reform, not insurance reform.

The above excerpt is from an article entitled "Sick Man Lookin’ for a Doctor’s Cure" by Christopher Cooper.

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