Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quote of the Day

This one is from Sojourners:

I’ve bled for my country, I’ve sweated for my country, I’ve cried myself to sleep for my country -- which is a lot more than some people who are passing judgment on me have done. I would rather go sit in prison than go to Iraq.

- Patrick Hart, U.S. Army sergeant with almost 10 years on active duty, who went to Canada rather than face a second deployment to Iraq.

There's something tearingly sad about this.


  1. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Yes, and this is sadder:

    Canada is no longer a "safe haven." I hope this changes. Canada's economy benefited from the highly-skilled workforce that immigrated in the 60s--I knew some of them in Montreal. Perhaps a less-conservative Canadian government will change this, especially as the US wars drag on and on and on....

  2. Ellie, you're quiet today on your blogs. I hope everything is OK.

  3. Hi, Cathy! Thanks for being concerned. I'm just now starting to get to it.

    Today is my day off and I was so exhausted I slept the afternoon away. This morning I had to go to the hand therapist for my broken finger.

    It's 6:00 p.m. over here and I've still got the evening! :-)


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