Saturday, October 02, 2010

Something about national spending priorities

More and more I am becoming devastatedly concerned about the national climate regarding education. Take a look, please, at an article entitled "Teacher Layoffs and War" by the editors of Rethinking Schools . Here's a brief excerpt:

[The] juxtaposition of robust war spending and inadequate support for education highlights the moral bankruptcy of political and economic leaders who seem to find endless piles of money to kill people abroad but not much to educate them at home. And, of course, the relationship is plain: The more dollars spent on war, the fewer available for human needs—whether alternative energy, food stamps, in-home elder care, public libraries, or keeping teachers in their classrooms.

The fact that our schools being decimated by state and local budget cuts is not considered an emergency ought to spark outrage. Goldman Sachs is evidently “too big to fail,” but not our public schools.

It is an outrage. Please, let's all work on getting the word out.

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