Tuesday, December 07, 2010

So sick of this party

I'm talking about the Democrats, of course.

And I'm referring to the "deal" (which is no deal, actually) about tax cuts.

Please go on over to Daily Kos and read up on it right here:

Obama's Chamberlain impersonation fuels new progressive uprising

Also this one:

White House says it 'wanted a fight' on tax cuts

I read that Obama is trying to demonstrate that he is a "reasonable" man. Pathetic. In reality, he's just coming across as a spineless wuss. What a tragedy.


  1. I wish it weren´t true. Make me sick that Barack Obama doesn´t have the wisdom/ability to fight those who strip fellow citizens of basic decency...true, it´s a very nasty/greedy crowd.


  2. Anonymous1:40 PM

    You need to celebrate your diversity.

  3. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Dear Nixon,

    who is "you"? and what does diversity have to do with anything???
    annie c

  4. I felt sick that Mr. Obama "caved" in to the Republicans, however, my husband reasoned this way:
    If the unemployment benefits were not extended, we'd have, within months, about 9-10 million more homeless people, and what then???

    What would we do with that many homeless people? How would we feed and house them? How would we take care of their children? With the Republicans apt to do little or nothing once they are the majority in Congress for the unemployed, what would happen to our society and our nation? We'd become Haiti almost overnight...

  5. You know, maybe we OUGHT to turn into Haiti overnight so people can see "up close and personal" what happens when Republicans get their way.

  6. Yikes, you don't want that, Ellie :-(

    (Is it just me, or are the Republicans getting worse? ... Have they always been this nasty? ... I know they've always been a cruel party, but they seriously seem to me to be degenerating even further. I could be wrong.)


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