Friday, December 10, 2010

What if the tea party was black?

Oh, wow. Just watch:


  1. Anonymous4:19 PM

    If the Tea Party was Black, you bet most of the prisons would be full by now. It's called a double standard and it's alive a well in America! Just this ole' White/Red/Black man's opinion after living all my life in THE SOUTH with its Bigotry.
    Sandhill Man

  2. Prisons?

    Your optimism's showing, Sandhill Man. If the Tea Party were black, they'd be a "terrorist organization" by now, and sent to "detainment facilities" offshore.

    Or, as when the Tea Party was poor people with legitimate cause for anger called the "Debtor's Revolt" in our early history, they'd be dead or on the run after the army was sent to "secure the country's financial well-being."

    In a rugged capitalist economy, justice goes to the highest bidder.


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