Sunday, January 02, 2011

Weather ≠ Climate

I get so, so tired of political cartoonists that go for the cheap laugh by invalidating the reality of global warming because it's cold somewhere in the winter.

The idiots don't seem to know what "average" means. I want to kick them back into fourth grade mathematics class. Sheesh.

I'd like to call your attention to a brief article by George Monbiot called "That snow outside is what global warming looks like" over on the Guardian.

Here's a little bit of what it says:

There were two silent calls, followed by a message left on my voicemail. She had a soft, gentle voice and a mid-Wales accent. "You are a liar, Mr Monbiot. You and James Hansen and all your lying colleagues. I'm going to make you pay back the money my son gave to your causes. It's minus 18C and my pipes have frozen. You liar. Is this your global warming?" She's not going to like the answer, and nor are you. It may be yes.

There is now strong evidence to suggest that the unusually cold winters of the last two years in the UK are the result of heating elsewhere.
According to Nasa's datasets, the world has just experienced the warmest January to November period since the global record began, 131 years ago; 2010 looks likely to be either the hottest or the equal hottest year. This November was the warmest on record.

Click on the link and go on over to the article for a brief and wonderfully clear explanation of the science involved.

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  1. I no longer refer to "global warming." People tend to react in the same way to that phrase as you have indicated. I use the term "climate change" with which everyone seems to agree -- anyone can see that the weather patterns have changed from what we are accustomed to. If we used to have rainy winters, we now have either excessive rain or no rain at all. Snowfall in Denver during the early winter has not happened this year, but snowfall in the northeastern part of the US has increased enormously... Areas where rainfall was adequate for raising crops is either now excessive or non-existant.

    Although the evidence exists to prove "global warming," people resist the phrase because it has political overtones. "Climate change" has no political tinge to most people and therefore is more acceptable. JMHO (just my humble opinion)


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