Friday, February 11, 2011

Breaking news from Egypt

This is over at the CNN website:

Mubarak quits: Other countries offer Egypt congratulations, support

I really hope that ordinary people in the US are truly paying attention about one lesson in particular. And that is that when people are oppressed they can take to the streets. And if, indeed, they take to the streets for long enough and in large enough numbers they will finally be liberated.


  1. So when are we all going to D.C.???

  2. Great question, Classof65!!!

  3. Friends and classmates of mine seem to head to D.C. every few months for some reason or another...perhaps the trick is to have all of the various groups plan to head to D.C. at the same time...then we would really flood the streets. But maybe for most people things aren't bad enough for them to take the risk of becoming 'activists' or 'protesters' and they just muddle along grumping about how things never change.


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