Friday, February 17, 2012

Wow. What a statement!

This was on my Facebook newsfeed. Just take a look:

"I have born two children. With my second son, I was in labor for six and a half weeks, causing me to be on bed rest and in pain for a month and a half. My arches fell out of my feet, and never returned. In the 18 months I was pregnant, I vomited for every one of them, giving birth weighing less than I had when I got pregnant, loosing my tooth enamel, damaging my esophagus. I have suffered a post birth infection that nearly killed me. I nursed each child for a year, with breasts so large that they literally warp my spine, causing weakness and injury resulting in invasive spinal surgery. I get migraines that hospitalize me once a month, twice or more if I don't get affordable birth control. I cannot have anymore children because I have a medical condition that makes me unable to regulate my spinal fluid pressure and the medications I take would jeopardize my unborn child. I have stayed up nights with vomiting, feverish children. I have done more diapers than you can shake a stick at. I have put off a career in favor of raising decent people. I am a mother of two beautiful souls for whom I would do it all again... But I can tell you one thing GOP: my sons WILL NEVER SILENCE THE VOICES OF WOMEN, OR TAKE THE RIGHT TO CARE FOR THEIR OWN BODIES AWAY. So go ahead, have your little meetings, exclude half the population because we have vaginas, see how far that gets you. But don't forget your mother, your wife, your sisters and daughters.... we are watching you, we are being told what we are worth to you, and we won't forget come voting time. Any woman who is paying attention ought to be angry, and any man worth his salt ought to be too." 

-- Sarah Zacharias

Well, spoken, Sarah.

To the men out there: are you listening?  Please listen!

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