Thursday, October 04, 2012

One way of looking at last night's debate

I found this on Facebook:

Sherry Davis (from ‘Stop Willard Mitt Romney in 2012’ FB group) - Auntie Charm says, and I agree: "I think that tomorrow and days after everyone will acknowledge Mitt’s many, many, many layers of lies. The 'talking heads' will see things differently soon. If President Obama responded the same way Romney did he would look 'un-Presidential' and would be labeled “the angry Black man” and there would be more talk/issues about that. I believed that our POTUS defended his policies and explained them. Romney was very erratic - almost like someone on drugs. He was so rude, hyped and even his eyes looked weird and he was undisciplined with a weird smirk - that's not impressive to me. Romney came across as kind of a bossy asshole who doesn't give a shit about explaining himself or listening to anyone. I do not think that Romney won."

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