Monday, October 15, 2012

Signs made by grown-ups

Why isn't this completely obvious to everyone?



  1. First of all, we do pay our taxes. It's the 47% of the freeloaders that aren't paying any Federal income taxes.

    And secondly. Conservatives like myself have no problem paying taxes to the federal government for very limited things the federal government is responsible for under our Constitution, like our border security, our military, and basic protection. We also have no problem paying taxes on a local state, county and city level for things like police, firefighters, roads, etc. The problem we have is the Federal government taking more of our money by force, up and beyond what I've stated, to simply give it to others in the form of free health care, free housing, free Obama phones, etc.

    If a city, county or state wants to tax it's people to redistribute wealth for health care, free housing, free food, etc, then so be it. But not on a Federal level.

    The government should not have any power beyond that which I can do myself. For example, I can't go to my neighbor's house and take his stuff. That is illegal and I'll be thrown in jail. Therefore, I shouldn't be able to give my government that power, to take other people's stuff to give to me. But alas, that's what we've done. How on earth did the creator (us) ever give more power to the thing we've created (government). The created thing should never have more power than he or she who created it. But that's what we've done. We've literally given the power to our Federal Government to go into our neighbor's house, take their property, and give it to me.

    I believe that is wrong. But we have become an immoral nation, which leads to these kinds of things which will eventually be our destruction.

    Have a great day.

  2. You honestly believe that 47% of the American population are freeloaders?

    That's just sad. It's also misinformed.

    We are at a historically low rate of taxation so it's just not true that the government is taking "more" of our money.

    Yes, we are an immoral nation. To take people's labor for less than a living wage is immoral. And that's why so many people NEED government programs to help them survive.

    Taxes are the dues we pay to live in a civilized society.


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