Thursday, February 23, 2006

Civil war in Iraq

It's getting worse by the day - by the hour. Here's a comment off of AMERICAblog that sums it up:

Was getting rid of Saddam worth it? An affirmative seems to be the last defense of those still supporting the inept and corrupt Bush administration.

Yes, Saddam WAS a bad man. But removing him did NOT make the world a better place, and it did NOT make Iraq a better place.

You cannot cannot cannot create a stable, long-term democracy by forcing it on a people from the outside.

It's a cultural, historical, societal process -- if it doesn't come from the "bottom up", from the will of the people, it will fail.

Iraq is a tragedy of immense proportion, and most Americans can't even wrap their minds around just how awful it is, and just how much of their blood is on our hands.

I agree.

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