Thursday, May 24, 2007

Military fires Arab language experts

For being gay. Can you believe it? When our national security depends on being able to translate the "chatter" we pick up? Take a look at these excerpts from an A.P. article entitled "U.S. military continues to discharge gay Arab linguists, and Congress members seek hearing":

WASHINGTON: Lawmakers who say the military has kicked out 58 Arabic linguists because they were gay want the Pentagon to explain how it can afford to let the valuable language specialists go.

Seizing on the latest discharges, involving three specialists, members of the House of Representatives wrote the House Armed Services Committee chairman that the continued loss of such "capable, highly skilled Arabic linguists continues to compromise our national security during time of war."

One sailor discharged in the latest incident, former Petty Officer 2nd Class Stephen Benjamin, said his supervisor tried to keep him on the job, urging him to sign a statement denying that he was gay. He said his lawyer advised him not to sign it, because it could be used against him later if other evidence ever surfaced.
"At a time when our military is stretched to the limit and our cultural knowledge of the Middle East is dangerously deficient, I just can't believe that kicking out able, competent Arabic linguists is making our country any safer," [Democratic Rep. Marty] Meehan said.

Get this straight. The Republicans don't really care about keeping you safe. They care very much about what you do in your bedroom.

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