Sunday, May 11, 2008

What science is and how it works

Forgive me for not posting yesterday. I was very caught up in doing some research on the web about science, evolution, and the "intelligent design" movement. I was doing this because someone sent me some material in support of the new documentary "Expelled" with Ben Stein. "Expelled" supports "intelligent design" and claims that it's a violation of academic freedom not to allow that point of view to be taught alongside evolution in the classroom.

In my search, I found a marvelous series of 24 videos on YouTube called Evolution vs. Creationism: Listen to the Scientists. I'm going to share just one of them here with you:

I really recommend that you watch all 24 videos. These are the clearest, most well articulated explanations for the lay person of what science is (and isn't) I have ever come across.

The anti-science movement in this country is very worrying. Because the general public does not really trust scientists or understand the scientific method is one reason there has not been and overwhelming outcry against the Bush administration's refusal to do anything about global warming. The nation's ignorance could well spell the doom of the planet.

UPDATE: Here's a short review from the Boston Globe of "Expelled" that's entitled "Trouble Ahead for Science". Recommended.

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