Monday, October 19, 2009

Consequences for the Democrats

Immediately after posting the video below, I came across an article entitled "Democrats Risk Electoral Disaster If They Drop the Public Option". I so agree. Here's a brief excerpt:

Indeed, if the Democrats abandon the public option for the sake of passing a bill like the one that came out of the Senate Finance Committee, they may be courting electoral disaster once voters grasp that they will have to wait years for the law to be implemented and then that it could lead to higher costs for much the same unpopular private insurance plans.

The public option offers the only means for a reform to be quickly implemented and to demonstrate a beneficial effect for the people by 2010 and 2012. It has the potential for reducing costs, especially for small businesses and individuals who are now being soaked by private insurers or denied coverage.

I wonder if anyone is advising the President about the likely electoral consequences of not having a public option?

All this health reform business just gives me more and more evidence to reinforce my deep conviction that capitalism is intrinsically immoral.

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