Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gratitude and the Earth

I am pondering gratitude this morning. And so I offer you the following:

To be human being is an honor,
and we offer thanksgiving for all the gifts of life.
Mother Earth, we thank you for giving us everything we need.

Thank you, deep blue waters around Mother Earth,
for you are the force that takes thirst away from all living things.
We give thanks to green grasses that feel so good against our bare feet,
for the cool beauty you bring to Mother Earth's floor.

Thank you, good foods from Mother Earth,
our life sustainers, for making us happy when we are hungry.
Fruits and berries, we thank you for your color and sweetness.
We are all thankful to good medicine herbs, for healing us when we are sick.

Thank you, all the animals in the world,
for keeping our precious forests clean.
All the trees in the world, we are thankful for the shade and warmth you give us.
Thank you, all the birds in the world, for singing your beautiful songs for all to enjoy.
We give thanks to you, gentle Four Winds,
for bringing clean air for us to breathe from four directions.

Thank you Grandfather Thunder Beings
for bringing rains to help all living things grow.
Elder Brother Sun, we send thanks for shining your light and warming Mother Earth.
Thank you, Grandmother Moon, for growing full every month
to light the darkness for children and sparkling waters.
We give thanks, twinkling stars, for making the night sky so beautiful
and for sprinkling morning dew drops on the plants.

Spirit Protectors of our past and present,
we thank you for showing us ways to live in peace and harmony with one another.
And most of all, thank you, Great Spirit, for giving us all these wonderful gifts, so we will be happy and healthy every day and every night.

And now let me remind you that today is the International Day of Climate Action. You can start participating right here.

If you're wondering about the number 350 in the photo above, it refers to the parts per million that is consdered by scientists to be the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. You can read about that right here.

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