Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sensible approach to health care

I found this on Democratic Underground. The writer said it was fine to "steal" it. Here you go:

Hey, Congress!!! I don’t want to “shop” for health insurance in any kind of “market”! I want to pay a tax to support a trust fund which pays for care when and if I need it, just like I pay my property tax to support the fire department. In the event of fire, they send a truck out. Just the truck and people with the training required to put out the fire. No more or no less than what I would need in that circumstance. No personal responsibility questionnaires to prove that I’ve taught my kids not to play with matches, that I have my wiring up to code, that I don’t store oily rags in the basement and am truly eligible for and deserving of assistance. And especially no tripling of my property tax just for using the service. There is not one single logical reason why a heart attack should not be dealt with (and paid for) like putting out a house fire. The cheapest and most efficient way to pay for health care is to pay for it like we pay for any other public good, like schools, roads, libraries, fire and police protection, or any other part of our society’s infrastructure.

Now doesn't that make sense?


  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    It makes perfect sense but it would never get done. Just the idea of a public option has created a huge backlash.

  2. Anonymous3:18 PM

    They kept telling black people to "wait for a better time" until they decided that NOW IS the better time. Perhaps it is the same for the public option. We will have it when we demand it.

    annie c


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