Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Onece more: Why we need single-payer

I just came across an article called "What to Say to Those Who Think Single Payer Advocates Are Wacko" that was written by an ER doctor. With a title like that I just had to check it out. Here's one paragraph that is illuminating:

Already, 60% of all our health care dollars come directly or indirectly (because employers insurance premiums are tax deductible) from the taxpayer. The care of our oldest neighbors are financed by Medicare, i.e. the taxpayers. The care of our disabled neighbors is financed by Medicaid. Ditto the care of our poorest neighbors who, because health follows wealth, are also at greater risk of high expense. Fourteen hundred insurance companies, at significant expense, stratify the rest of the population by "risk". Their top-secret formula results in them covering the employed people, small groups, and individuals who can prove that they are at low risk. What about the others? When those who can't afford the premiums get sick, go bankrupt, and can't pay their bills, "we" all pay for it in higher charges. Furthermore, employer-paid premiums are tax deductible which means insurance company profits are subsidized by the taxpayer.

There's more. Recommended.

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