Friday, February 19, 2010

Why is it not terrorism?

This really disturbs me. It's a QuickVote from the CNN home page today:

Do you consider the Texas plane crash to be terrorism?

No - 68%

Yes - 32%

Needless to say, I voted "yes".

The man flew a plane into a building to make a political point. He wrote a manifesto explaining why ahead of time. (Fortunately, somone sent me a copy/paste email of the manifesto this morning. It was taken off line a little while ago due to its "sensitive nature". Censorship, anyone? If anyone wants to see it, email me privately and I'll forward it to you.)

Oh, I get it. He's white and non-Muslim. (/sarcasm)


  1. Yes, I suspect that had a lot to do with. But also, I imagine a lot of people sympathize with his hatred of the IRS and a deeply (or maybe not so deeply) hidden affirmation of his action kept them from labeling it terrorism. Just the other day I was behind a car with a bumper sticker that had a cross mark through IRS and the words "flat tax." These are the people who say "I don't approve of his action but I understand his motivation," but secretly they feel a bit of admiration. No one is so hated as the tax collector, except perhaps the lawyer.

  2. You know, Alice, I honestly didn't think of that and, quite frankly, I don't understand it. Taxes are the dues we pay for living in a civilized society.

  3. I don't mind paying my share of taxes. Without em we'd have no services, DUH!

    The guy was a domestic terrorist is you use the very same neocon definition they use for muslims who are US citizens.

  4. Yes, it was an act of terrorism, however I could understand that it was not meant to terrorize American citizens, but to terrorize the IRS. And it was not an act of terrorism committed by an organization, simply the act of one man. A single act, without the threat of further acts... so in that sense it was not the terrorism we fear from al Quaeda or the Taliban.

    And, while I understand that we pay taxes so that we can live in a civilized society, the tax system is in need of a complete overhaul so that the middle class will not carry a larger burden than the wealthier class.

  5. So the people who work for the IRS aren't American citizens?
    This guy killed another human being.

  6. What I'm saying is that the guy was acting on his own, didn't belong to a terrorism group, and that it is unlikely that all small airplane owners are going to do likewise.

    Yes, he did kill and yes, I am sorry for his victim(s).

    I am worried now that my tax return, which was mailed to that facility, has been destroyed...


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