Thursday, July 08, 2010

I'm sorry but this is just funny...

First of all, look at the headline:

Christian Right-Winger Worried Glenn Beck Is Taking Christian Souls to Hell

Now take a look at how the article gets started:

Glenn Beck presents a conundrum for the Christian right. They appreciate his bigotry, but are in turn bigoted against his Mormon faith. Sometimes the politics of hate is complicated.

“Internet evangelist” (no, I don’t know what that means) Bill Keller is no longer willing to compromise his Christian principles though. Keller, who warned 2008 primary voters that a vote for the Mormon Mitt Romney was a vote for Satan, has launched a campaign to warn Christians that Glenn Beck is taking their “ignorant souls to hell.”

Go on and click through; the article is very short.

Or don't. You could just shake your head in bemusement and carry on with your day...


  1. Ellie, This reminds me of something my former Rector said about the breakaway groups from the Episcopal Church. He said they would soon start splitting hairs among themselves and breaking away from each other, disagreeing more and more until they were insignificant little splinter groups that would fade away.

  2. I love it when the bigots turn their hatred of others on each other.

  3. Anonymous1:36 PM

    I read aobut this and laughed.



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