Sunday, July 04, 2010

What is patriotism?

It's from an opinion piece by Willy Scanlon. Take a look:

Patriotism for me not only voicing agreement with my government and supporting it, but it also means voicing disagreement as well. My government right or wrong is not Patriotism; that's the road to fanaticism. We are not only called to protect our nation, we are also called to protect its future, its resources, to protect its institutions from one sided rule of fanatics whether conservative, religious or liberal from taking away the rights of some or all that do not agree with their view. To protect each other from racism, bigotry and hate... To ask ourselves what have we done for each other to make the nation whole and heal its wounds. Patriotism is a call to action. What can I do for my country? That's Patriotism. Happy Fourth of July, my Fellow Patriots.

And from me to you, dear readers.

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