Friday, November 05, 2010

Another headline

It's almost unbelievable:

Are they nuts???? Are they suicidal????

Appeasing the Republicans is what caused the Democratic defeat in the first place.

It has been aptly said that If voters are given a choice between a Republican-lite candidate and a Republican, they'll choose the real Republican every single time.

Sometimes I just despair; I really do.


  1. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Please do not despair Ellie. The Dalai Lama said a few months ago (to Larry King),that despite the obvious, things really are improving in this mad, crazy world of ours.

    annie c

  2. Amen, Ellie. They don't get it. If they had banded together, shown some party discipline and ignored the Republicans--giving us single payer health care, a greater stimulus package, repeal of DADT, more Wall Street supervision, and the like, they would still be in power. If they swing more toward the Republican agenda, they will surely go down to even greater defeat in 2012. Why don't they understand

  3. What I don't understand, BooCat, is how this can be so very obvious to folks like us while the party bigwigs (along with those advising the president) don't get it at all.

    Yes, the Republicans will not respect the Democrats for moving toward the right. The only thing the Democrats will accomplish that way is the alienation of their own base.


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