Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Quotation of the day

I so, so, so agree with this:

The biggest lesson from last night is actually pretty simple. For Democrats to win in the future, they need to fight for the people they represent and stop cutting deals to water down reform with the same corporate interests who will turn around and spend unlimited amounts of money to defeat Democrats year after year.

-- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America


  1. I'm not an American citizen obviously, so in one sense hesitate to comment, but I agree totally too.

  2. You know, Cathy, I don't think anyone needs to be an American citizen to comment about what goes on over here. What the US gets up to affects everybody in the world and, frankly, I think we need to listen a lot more to what people of other nationalities have to say about what we do.

    So comment away!

  3. Thank you, Ellie :-)


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