Thursday, December 01, 2011

Quote of the Century, as far as I'm concerned

Have you seen the video referred to here? It's amazing. I would be so proud of this young man if he were mine, that's for sure:

If I was your son, Mr. Chairman, I believe I'd make you very proud.

-- Zach Wahls, a student, who spoke before the Iowa House Judiciary Committee in January about being raised by two lesbian women, to oppose a resolution to make marriage in Iowa only between a man and woman; the video of the testimony has been recirculating on the web

I'll look for the video and post it in an update when I find it.


  1. Here’s our interview with Zach where he talks about what it was like growing up with two mothers, what led him to decide to go and speak before the House of Representatives, how his life has changed after this speech thrust him into the public eye, and what other young people can do to fight for equality and speak out against intolerance.

  2. Anonymous10:28 AM


    What an eloquent statement...we need more like him!

    annie c


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