Wednesday, April 04, 2012


  1. You know I'm sure I've posted this on FB before, but one of the awesome things about my son is his complete lack of comprehension of discrimination. He cannot fathom why somebody would dislike somebody over race, religion, or sexual orientation. One of his friends at school likes to use the word 'gay' when he is annoyed with something. So we were having to explain to him why this is not an appropriate word to use. We also told him about homosexuality, and he just nodded, then went right back to asking about inappropriate usage of words.

    Two people of the same gender marrying was a completely logical concept to him. If my 12 year old autistic son can grasp this, wth is wrong with adults in this world?

  2. I wish I knew, Sway. I really do.

    Good for your son. That's really impressive.


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