Monday, April 16, 2012

A rather unexpected headline...

Well, this is certainly intriguing.

When Mormons Were Socialists: Why the Mormon Church's Founders Would be Very Disappointed in Mitt Romney

Here's a brief quotation that is very interesting:

"In 1848, [Brigham] Young famously declared, 'There shall be no private ownership of the streams that come out of the canyons, nor the timber that grows on the hills. These belong to the people: all the people.' "



  1. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Well, there are all sorts of issues in the Mormon closet of history that I doubt Romney (or, for that matter, Harry Reid) is eager to address. It's quite fascinating to look into, but to sum things up, Mormonism does not withstand minimal scrutiny (in my opinion).

    Google "seer stone in a hat" and take it from there.

    --Bryan Doug

  2. Yes, I looked into the history of Mormonism during the LAST presidential campaign when it was clear then that Romney was a hopeful. I know about the "seer stone in a hat" bit.

    Hard to fathom how so many people could go along with all that stuff.....


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