Sunday, April 29, 2012

Something worth remembering


  1. Anonymous11:12 PM

    I don't think you were listening. We screamed pretty loudly, and although we aren't screaming anymore (the throat gets sore) I doubt you'll find many right-wingers who applaud Mr. Bush's fiscal policies.

    That said, Good Lord, I'd go back to those policies in a heartbeat. Imagine how wonderful it would be to only be $10 Trillion in debt.

    Jim in Fairbanks (no, not the one in Alaska, the other one)

  2. Anonymous9:22 AM

    To Jim in Fairbanks:

    Your comment "...I'd go back to those policies in a hearbeat"... is frightening...very, very frightening.

    Those of you who would like to perpetuate the policies of giving tax breaks to the rich and continuing to protect their interests while ignoring the needs of virtually everyone else is pathetic, not to mention mean-spirited, selfish and cruel.

    Imagine how wonderful it would be to have that 5.6 billion dollar surplus that we had before dubya ruined it all!

    annie c

  3. Anonymous1:03 PM

    oops...i should have said 5.6 TRILLION!

    and what in the heck do you mean you "aren't screaming anymore"...seems to me that is ALL you do.

    annie c

  4. They were ok with it cuz he was white!

    BTW Jim, a couple of those extra trillion that Pres Obama added to the debt were from "the wars". You know, those two wars that Pres Bush kept off the accounting books? And I neither read nor saw nor heard ANY right-wingers screaming during Pres Bush's two terms regarding his fiscal policies --or any other policy of his for that matter. I'm from Fairbanks, Alaska. Which other Fairbanks might you be from?

    Annie C: As always, you nailed it!

    Ellie: I may not comment too often, but I do tweet a lot of your posts as you find the bestest stuff!


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