Monday, June 26, 2006


I've blogged this website before but I want to call your attention once more to Talk.Origins which is dedicated to the anwers mainstream scientists give to people who question the validity of evolutionary theory. Here's a sample:

Q: I thought evolution was just a theory. Why do you call it a fact?

A: Biological evolution is a change in the genetic characteristics of a population over time. That this happens is a fact. Biological evolution also refers to the common descent of living organisms from shared ancestors. The evidence for historical evolution -- genetic, fossil, anatomical, etc. -- is so overwhelming that it is also considered a fact. The theory of evolution describes the mechanisms that cause evolution. So evolution is both a fact and a theory. See the
Evolution is a Fact
and a Theory FAQ
, the Introduction to Evolutionary Biology FAQ and the Five Major Misconceptions about Evolution FAQ: Evolution is Only a theory.

It's important not to pass up opportunities to educate ourselves since we seem to be entering a new Dark Age in terms of the public's understanding of science.

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