Monday, June 19, 2006

More on Bishop Schori

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You will forgive me, I hope, for continuing to be ecstatic over the election of Bp. Katherine Schori as Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in the U.S.A. I want to share with you an article found on the website of the Diocese of Washington (D.C.) that gives some more details about yesterday's historic event. It's entitled, "Jefferts Schori elected presiding bishop". Here's an excerpt:

In addition to being the Church's first female presiding bishop, Jefferts Schori is also believed to be the first presiding bishop with a Ph. D. in the sciences (oceanography) and a pilot's license.

“She is brilliant. She is thoughtful. She brings clarity of vision... and she speaks Spanish!" said the Rev. Gay Jennings of the Diocese of Ohio, in supporting Jefferts Schori's election in the House of Deputies. [She gave part of her acceptance speech in Spanish.]

A number of deputies pointed out how fitting it was that she was elected at the convention where the church celebrated the 30th anniversary of women's ordination. Deputy Sarah Lawton said she remembers in 1976 she was 10 years old when the General Convention endorsed the ordination of women. "I will be so glad to bring the news to my daughter who's almost 10 that the presiding bishop is a woman," said Lawton.

John Vanderstar, of the Diocese of Washington said, “I rise to add another male voice to the chorus [of those speaking in favor of confirmation]. If you listen carefully, you will hear and I hope enjoy the sound of another glass ceiling being shattered.”

That's a wonderful statement! Just wonderful.

I held my nose last night and ventured on to one of the extremist/conservative blogs to see what their reaction was. For the most part, they are sputtering mad. One headline said, "ELECTION OF WOMAN PRESIDING BISHOP IS SLAP IN THE FACE AT GLOBAL SOUTH." This actually exposes them for the bigots they are. They are not only homophobic, they are misogynistic. Well, the conservatives in the developing world (and here at home) will just have to get used to the fact that "the first shall be last and the last first". That is, after all, a teaching of the Christian religion.

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